Magnet Forensics Windows Memory Analysis Certificate for Marc Robinson

Autopsy Digital Forensics Part 1 Course Certificate

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US DOJ Training Autopsy Digital Forensics Part 1 Course Certificate for Marc Robinson
Autopsy is a free and open source digital forensics platform with many features comparable to those found in the leading commercial tools.  It can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.  This is part 1 of a 2-part series focused on using Autopsy to perform digital forensic examinations.  Attendees will then learn digital forensics best practices and methods for quickly locating items of evidentiary value, based on the results of the following processes:

Compute a MD5 verification hash of an evidence file
File Hashing | Notable HDB | Irrelevant HDB
File Signature Analysis
Data Carving | File System Recovery
Extract EXIF Metadata
Keyword Searches
Display results in various viewer components

In many cases, memory analysis can provide access to data you can’t get through “dead-box” forensics alone and may be the only way to obtain evidence critical to solving your investigation. Malware investigations in particular can benefit significantly from memory analysis, but that is not the only type of investigation that Memory analysis can play a crucial role. This session will discuss how Magnet AXIOM’s integration of core plugins from the popular tool, Volatility, makes deep memory analysis more accessible to forensic examiners. Learn how to incorporate memory artifacts into a broader timeline together with artifacts from other data sources for a well-rounded investigation. In addition, we’ll explore the free tool MAGNET Process Capture to analyze memory from specific processes, providing a less fragmented output and better data recovery.