Marc Robinson - Audio and Video Forensic Analyst

Image of Marc Robinson AVFA, EET, CCCE - Audio Video Forensic Expert
Marc Robinson AVFA, EET, CCCE, CCCIA

Marc Robinson is the founder and President of Authentic Forensics LLC, a company that provides audio and video forensic analysis. authentication and enhancement services to law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and other legal professionals. He is a well-known expert in the field of audio-video forensics, with over 30 years of experience working with analog and digital media files.

Mr. Robinson earned a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology in 1987.  After graduation, he founded several successful information technology companies before deciding to pursue a career in audio and video forensics. Mr. Robinson is certified as an audio-video forensics analyst. He is also certified as a cyber-crime examiner and cyber-crime intelligence analyst.

Mr. Robinson has worked on a wide range of cases throughout his career, including both criminal investigations and civil litigation., and has provided expert testimony in court on numerous occasions.

In addition to his work as an audio and video forensic expert, Mr. Robinson is also active in the forensic community, serving as the Education Chair for the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners. He is also the manager of the Forensic - Audio Video Innovations and Solutions, a professional group with over 6000 members.

Mr. Robinson is a strong advocate for the use of audio and video forensic analysis in criminal investigations and civil proceedings. He believes that audio and video evidence can be an invaluable tool in helping to establish the truth and bring justice to victims and their families.

Mr. Robinsons  CV - click here to download.

Certifications (all listings required training, testing and/or board/peer review)

Certified Audio - Video Forensic Analyst – AVFA (Electronic Technicians Association) (Link)
Certified Cyber Crime Examiner - CCCE (NW3C - The National White Collar Crime Center) (Link)
Electronic Engineering Technology Certification- EET (National Education Center) (Link)
A+ Service Technician Certification (The Computing Technology Industry Association) (Link)
Certified VideoCleaner Expert (Forensic Image & Video Authentication Software) (Link)

Forensic Positions

Education Chair - Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (Link)
Audio & Video Forensic Expert - The State of New Jersey - Office of the Public Defender (Link)
Manager: "Forensic - Audio Video Innovations and Solutions" 6,000+ members (Link)
Digital Forensic Committee - Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (Link)

Published Written Articles

07-01-2020 eForensics Magazine -
Your Digital Forensics toolkit issue "VideoCleaner tutorial and case study" (co-author Doug Carner)(Link)

Forensic Memberships

New Jersey Association of Forensic Scientists (Link)
International Association of Crime Analyst (Link)
Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (Link)
International Association for Identification (Link)
Forensic Working Group (Link)

Industry Memberships

Audio Engineering Society (Link)
Electronic Technicians Association (Link)

Development Contributor

VideoCleaner - Forensic image & video enhancement and authentication software (Link)

Manufacturer Training (partial list)

Acer, AT&T, Compaq, Dell, Epson America, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway Computers, HART, Hewlett Packard, International Business Machines (IBM), Lenovo, Okidata, Packard Bell and Toshiba.


Attorneys, law enforcement, public defense, governments, journalists, corporations, security companies, private detectives, insurance adjusters and private citizens.


Current: President of Authentic Forensics LLC - (Wayne, NJ)
5 Years at PerpPics LLC – AVFA - Forensic video and audio enhancement (Pompton Plains, NJ)
15 Years at NSI President - Off site technical services consultant for Deloitte (Pequannock N.J)
10 Years at Computer Repair Group  – President - National IT equipment refurbishment depot (Fairfield NJ)

Published Media - Educational

Forensic Enhancement Series 5.0 Applying super resolution and equalization.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.1 Forensic edging filter, De-noise, De-blur, and histogram.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.2 Timestamp annotation and embedded frame number.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.3 Matrix view and enhancements confined to regional mask.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.4 Working with Hue and Append Functionality.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.5 Data bit-depth and applying dirt De-noise filtering.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.6 Applying variables with text annotation and logo embedding.
Forensic Enhancement Series 5.8 Relative scale, Matrix view, Negative Sharpening in redaction.

Testimony / Depositions

1-21-2022 Wisconsin v. Theodore Edgecomb DA Case No.: 2020ML024538
Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Milwaukee Wisconsin
Criminal - Video Enhancement - Testimony - Defense
RE: State of Iowa vs. Dwight Charles Evans / Criminal No. FECR111421
Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Sioux City, Iowa
Criminal - Video Enhancement - Audio Clarification - Testimony - Plaintiff
1-22-2020 Coyne v. Waste Pro USA Inc. (16-10267)
Broward County Circuit Court, Fort Lauderdale Florida
Civil - Video Enhancement - Deposition - Plaintiff
5-29-2019 Adorno, Virgen v. Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority Et. Al. (FBTCV176068043S)
Superior Court Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport, Connecticut
Civil - Video Enhancement - Testimony - Plaintiff

Recent Case Files

11-07-2021 Patrica Moloney v. Island Plaza Realty, LLC and Samuel Hansen - Index No.: 623021/2019
Supreme Court of the State of New York , County of Suffolk
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defendant
10-29-2021 RE: Hawthorne v. Bossier Casino Venture, Inc, DBA Margaritaville Casino, et al
Docket No. C-1641122; 26th Judicial District Court; Bossier City, Louisiana
State - Civil - Video enhancement - Plaintiff
10-19-2021 RE: State of Iowa vs. Dwight Charles Evans / Criminal No. FECR111421
Woodbury County District Court, Woodbury Iowa
Criminal - Audio Clarification - Video Enhancement - Woodbury County
10-18-2021 US v. Craig Becker No. 201900342
US Naval Base San Diego, California
Military Court Martial - Audio Enhancement - Appellee
10-15-2021 RE: Sheila Sheard v. City of Belleville, IL & Timothy Lay /20-L-25
St. Clair County Courthouse, Belleville Illinois
Criminal - Audio Clarification - Defense
10-07-2021 Dominguez, et al. v. Spanco, et al.; 2:20-cv-4889
US District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Civil - Video - Audio Enhancement - Plaintiff
10-05-2021 Jerey Perkins v. 4JLJ
U.S. EEOC Houston, Texas
EEOC Claim - Audio Enhancement - Claimant
09-16-2021 Estate of McCarty
Hartford Superior Court, Hartford Connecticut
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
09-07-2021 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Bran Bauman / CP-15-CR-0002689-2020
Chester County Justice Center, West Chester Pennsylvania
State - Criminal - Video enhancement - Defendant
08-31-2021 State of Tennessee v. Chia Silevani -Case ID: 2021-B-764
Davidson County Criminal Court, Nashville Tennessee
State - Video Enhancement - Defendant
07-31-2021 Van Brunt-Piehler v. Absolute Software, Inc. et al / Case # 6:16-cv-06313
New York Western District Court , New York
Civil Rights - Employment - Audio Enhancement/Redaction - Plaintiff
7-08-2021 Smith, Renee, L. v. Cherry Hill Condominium Section II, Inc. and Spinnaker Management, LLC (1903.109874)
Dutchess County Supreme Court, Poughkeepsie, New York
State - Civil - Video enhancement - Defendant
7-7-2021 Kaoud, Joseph v. Apro, LLC 19STCV20180
Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles California
State - Video Enhancement - Defendant
7-3-2021 Raul Mata / Case No. 2020CVF001573D4
Webb County District Court, Laredo Texas (406th Judicial District)
Rule 26 - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
6-24-2021 State v. Muhammad R. Al-Barr ID: 20003744
Paterson Superior Court, Paterson New Jersey
State - Criminal - Video Enhancement - Defendant
6-11-2021 RE: Delgado v. Mickey Transportation, Inc., et al.  Index No.: 509165/2017
Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Kings
Civil - Video enhancement - Plaintiff
6-2-2021 Ladene Duvernay v. Broadwall Management Corp., et. al. - 2:2019cv12050
24th Judicial District Court for the Parish of Jefferson, Louisiana
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Image Enhancement - Defense
5-30-2021 Renada Mathis, Perreal Woods and Joe Boston, Sr. V. Sea World of Texas, LLC - 2019CI17204
Bexar County, San Antonio Texas
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
5-28-2021 Carlos Aguilar / 3140-2100505
Salt Lake City, Utah
Claim - Video Enhancement
5-24-2021 Keena v. Saks Fifth Avenue, et al., - Index # 52780-/2019
Superior Court New York, New York County
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
5-14-2021 Gary Thomas and Cynthia Thomas v. Severt & Sons Produce Columbia Inc. and Chase Howard
Williamsburg County Court of Common Pleas, South Carolina
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
5-10-2021 Sanchez, et al. v. City of Littleton, et al. - 19-CV-01871-MEH
United States District Court of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
5-6-2021 Branch v. Barnes   No: 1:14-cv-00361
United States District Court - Dis strict of Rhode Island
Civil - Video Authentication & Analysis - Defense
4-28-2021 Donna Cox v. St. Jacob Glass, lnc., Mid America Airport and Stanley Access Technologies
Circuit Court of St. Clair County, Illinois 20-L-240
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
4-24-2021 Dawn Burke et al v. Donald W. Alford / 2021-CP-22-00119
Georgetown County Court of Common Pleas, South Carolina
Civil - Audio Enhancement - Defense
04-22-2021 Ray v. WALMART STORES TEXAS, LLC 9:20-CV-00116
US District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Lufkin Division
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
4-1-2021 Ujinski v. City of Pekin and John Dossey No. 1:2019cv01004
United States District Court, Central District of Illinoise, Peoria Division
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
3-22-2021 Betsy B. Fox vs. Walmart, Inc., Wal-Mart Stores East, LP and Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. C/A No.: 1:20-cv-706-SAL
United States District Court, For the District of South Carolina, Aiken Division - Aiken, SC
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
3-16-2021 Tarry Brown v. First Transit, Inc. et al., Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2020-01121768-CU-WT-CJC
Orange County Superior Court, 700 W Civic Center Dr, Santa Ana, California 92701
Civil - Video Enhancement - Audio Clarification - Defense
3-8-2021 Atoche, et al. v. Paramus Park Shopping Center, et al - No: BER-L-4409-1
Bergen County Superior Court, Bergen County Justice Center, Hackensack, NJ
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
State of New Jersey, County of Essex, Superior Court Law Division        
Civil - Video Authentication - Defense                                                          
2-22-2021 Surlak v. Stop and Shop - NO: 52108/2020
Westchester Supreme Court, White Plains New York
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
2-20-2021 Gary Williams v. Walmart Stores East, LP - Civil Action No. RE: 5:20-CV-1090-JFA
US District Court - District of South Carolina - Orangeburg Division
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
2-16-2021 Reynaldo J Navaez v. Lucas Binter et al, Case No. 2020CV0006883
State of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Circuit Court
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
2-1-2021 State of Minnesota v. Kelly Jenko Trebwasser    Court File No.: 69HI-CR-19-218
State of Minnesota County of Saint Louis-Hibbing, District Court, Sixth Judicial District
Criminal - Audio - Video Analysis - Defense
1-14-2021 Price v. Mueller-Owens et al.,  (19-CV-854)
United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
1-13-2021 Sentinel Insurance Co. Ltd a/s/o of 1901 Ellsworth LLC., v. C.S. Roofing, LLC v. Amanda Isaac d/b/a Air Subcontracting (19-001317-CB)
State of Michigan in the Washtenaw County Circuit Court, Washtenaw County, MI
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
12-05-2020 Renee Keyser et al v. Bristol Warren Regional School District et al (1:19-cv-00351)
US District Court of Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island
Civil - Audio Enhancement - Plaintiff
11-23-2020 Ceely v. Excel, Inc, d/b/a DHL (#190704054)
US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
11-08-2020 HEB Grocery Company L.P. v. Del Cid (04-19-00058-CV)
Judicial District Court of Webb County, Texas
Civil - Video Enhancement - Appellee
10-30-2020 Denise Paul v. Target Corporation (Index:612367/2019)
Supreme Court of the State of New York, Nassau County, NY
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
10-30-2020 Heather Lappin, administrator of the estate of Debra Hollen-Lappin v. The Beach Tavern (MON-L-3098-18)
Superior Court of New Jersey, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
10-21-2020 Scuiletti v. The Port Authority of NY & NJ, (Index No. 156724/2018)
New York County Supreme Court, New York City, New York
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
10-16-2020 Lena Bojlevska v. Aldi's (#19F67F988206)
Supreme Court, Onondaga County, Syracuse NY
State - Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
09-30-2020 Debra Hollen-Lappin v. The Beach Tavern (Docket No. MON-L-3098-18)
Superior Court of New Jersey, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
09-23-2020 Yolanda Isabel Libornio de Garcia, et al v. Sam's East, Inc. (2018-CP-10-00945)
Charleston County Judicial Center, Charleston, SC
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
09-10-2020 Ashley Mathers, as PR of the Estate of Michael Withey v. William Sipes, Saltwater Cowboys, and Dart Shelter (2019-CP-10-04116)
Charleston County Court of Common Pleas , South Carolina
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
08-20-2020 Ruby Gail Cook v. WalMart Stores East, LP (1:19-CV-31)
US District Court, Western District of Virginia, Abingdon, Virginia
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
08-18-2020 D'Souza v. Two Knights (CC-19-06018-D)
Dallas County Court, Dallas, Texas
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
08-14-2020 State of Wisconsin v. Armin J. Balzar (20-CF234)
Washington County Courthouse, Westbend Wisconsin
State - Criminal - Audio Enhancement - Defense
07-23-2020 People v. Mark Thurlow (19-003408-FC)
Muskegon County County Courthouse, Muskegon, Michigan
Criminal - Video Enhancement - Defense
07-10-2020 Haynes, K. v. Stop and Shop Supermarket Company, LLC (HHD-CV20-6121798-S)
Hartford Superior Court, Hartford Connecticut
Civil - Video Authentication - Plaintiff
07-01-2020 Palmer v. B. Hankison & M. Crosgove & J. Mattingly (20-CI-002694)
Jefferson Circuit Court, Louisville, Kentucky
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff
05-14-2020 Salinas v. 7-Eleven (2018CVF001371D4)
Webb County 406th District Court, Texas
Civil - Video Enhancement, Video Authentication - Plaintiff
05-13-2020 Grant v. FedEx (21329/2016E)
Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Bronx, New York
Civil - Video Enhancement - Defense
05-12-2020 Schon v. Frantz, ESG Security, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and Live Nation Worldwide, Inc
Allen County Superior Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Civil - Video Enhancement - Video Authentication - Defense
01-16-2020 John J. Hartrum v. Andreia C. Grave & Ironbound Ambulance (MID-L-4088-19)
New Jersey Superior Court, Middlesex County, New Jersey
Civil - Video Enhancement - Plaintiff

Continuing Education & Forensic Training Certificates

5-27-2021 Using Triage Tools in a Digital Investigation (Link)
5-19-2021 Media Forensics and the challenge of Deepfakes seminar (Link)
5-13-2021 Validation of Third Party Forensic Tools (Link)
5-13-2021 Digital Evidence from Social Networking Sites (Link)
5-13-2021 Enhancing Digital Investigations With Cloud Based Evidence (Link)
5-13-2021 Add Protobuf Expert to your examiner's resume certificate (Link)
5-11-2021 Enhancing Digital Investigations With Endpoint Collections(Link)
5-11-2021 Automate Digital Investigations (Link)
5-11-2021 Finding Evidence of Cloud Storage Footprints (Link)
5-7-2021 The Internet of Things (IOT) Data Analysis (Link)
5-6-2021 Forensic Considerations for Cloud Storage (Link)
5-6-2021 AXIOM 5.0 Forensic Software (Link)
5-6-2021 The AFF4 Evidence Container (Link)
5-5-2021 Forensic Big Game Hunting (Link)
5-4-2021 Bypassing Embedded System Security or Forensic Data Acquisition (Link)
4-15-2021 Magnet Forensics - Chromebook Acquisition Assistant (Link)
4-14-2021 Magnet Forensics - Performing Linux Forensic Analysis (Link)
3-30-2021 Basis Technology - Intro to DFIR: The Divide & Conquer Process (Link)
3-25-2021 Video Evidence Training Symposium 2021 (Link)
3-10-2021 Magnet - Collect and Analyze Data / Off-Network Endpoints (Link)
2-5-2021 TCM - Open Source Intelligence Training Certificate (Link)
1-20-2021 Magnet Forensics - Putting the RD Pieces Back Together (Link)
1-14-2021 Magnet - Acquiring and Parsing Sys-diagnose Log Archives (Link)
1-7-2021 Magnet Forensics - Tips and Tricks - Targeted Processing (Link)
12-30-2020 National Institute of Justice - Error Rates in Pattern Evidence (Link)
12-25-2020  Network Forensics: Challenges and tools (Certificate) (Link)
9-11-2020 Scientific Assoc. of Forensic Examiners Conference (Certificate) (Link)
6-1-2020 Video Evidence Training Symposium (Certificate) (Link)
5-28-2020 US DOJ - Autopsy: Digital Forensics Part 1 (Certificate) (Link)
5-24-2020 Digital And Multimedia Forensics - Disturbing Media (Certificate) (Link)
5-22-2020 International Association of Crime Analyst (Certificate) (Link)
5-20-2020 Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (Certificate) (Link)
5-12-2020 Magnet Forensics - Windows Memory Analysis (Certificate) (Link)
5-12-2020 Magnet Forensics - Timeline Analysis (Certificate) (Link)
5-11-2020 NW3C Training - Mobile Forensics - Data Extractions (Certificate) (Link)
5-07-2020 Magnet Forensics - Windows Memory Forensics (Certificate) (Link)
5-07-2020 Magnet Forensics - The Evolution of Ransomware (Certificate) (Link)
5-07-2020 US DOJ - The Art of Social Engineering (Certificate) (Link)
5-06-2020 NW3C Training - Python Programming Series Part 2 (Certificate) (Link)
5-05-2020 Magnet Forensics - Chromebook Analysis (Certificate) (Link)
5-02-2020 US DOJ - Dark Web and Open Source Information (Certificate) (Link)
4-29-2020 NW3C Training - Python Programming Series Part 1 (Certificate) (Link)
4-28-2020 US DOJ - Methods to Detect Forged Documents (Certificate) (Link)
4-27-2020 US DOJ - Improved Forensic Acquisitions (Certificate) (Link)
4-26-2020 NW3C Training - Proxies and VPN's (Certificate) (Link)
4-21-2020 US DOJ - Methods to Detect Forged Documents (Certificate) (Link)
4-19-2020 US DOJ - Collecting Evidence - OSINT toolbox (Certificate) (Link)
4-18-2020 - Autopsy Forensic Software Training Certificate (8 CEU/CPE) (Link)
4-07-2020 US DOJ - Surviving and Thriving in the Courtroom (Certificate) (Link)
3-24-2020 BeEF - The Browser Exploitation Framework (Course Certificate) (Link)
3-24-2020 How To Use Cain and Abel Tool (Course Certificate) (Link)
3-23-2020 Wireless Network Fundamentals (Course Certificate) (Link)
3-22-2020 Online Reconnaissance (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
2-16-2020 How to Use THC-Hydra (BSWR) (Course Certificate) (Link)
2-09-2020 Mobile Device Security (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
1-11-2020 Open Source Intelligence Assessment CyDefe Lab (Score 100)
1-07-2020 Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
1-05-2020 Password Cracking Tool Fundamentals (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
1-03-2020 Pentest Fundamentals: Scanning Networks (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
1-02-2020 Stealth Techniques For Incident Handlers (Course Certificate) (Link)
1-02-2020 USB Drop Attack (3 CEU/CPE) (Link)
1-02-2020 Red Team Guide (3 CEU/CPE) (Link)
12-31-2019 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners 2019 Summary (8 CEU) (Link)
12-04-2019 How to Use Case File / BSWR (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-25-2019 Phishing - Techniques and attacks (2 CEU/CPE) (Link)
11-16-2019 NMAP - Network Mapping Scanner (7 CEU/CPE) (Link)
11-16-2019 How to use HPING3 (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-16-2019 How to use AUTOMATER (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-16-2019 How to use UNICORNSCAN (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-16-2019 Malware (Malicious Software) Fundamentals (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
11-16-2019 Malware (Malicious Software) Threats (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
11-06-2019 How to Use TOR / BSWJ (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-06-2019 How to Use OpenVAS / BSWJ (Course Certificate) (Link)
11-06-2019 How to Use the HARVESTER / BSWJ (Course Certificate) (Link)
10-30-2019 Kali Linux Fundamentals (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
10-27-2019 Social Engineering (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
10-25-2019 Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (36 CEU/CPE) (Link)
10-10-2019 Computer Forensics File Formats (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
10-10-2019 AWS Terminology (Course Certificate) (Link)
10-07-2019 Windows Forensic and Tools (4 CEUS/CPES) (Link)
10-07-2019 How to Use Ophcrack BSWR - (Course Certificate) (Link)
9-6-2019 Scientific Assoc. of Forensic Examiners Conference (Certificate) (Link)
9-30-2019 Evidence Handling: Do it the Right Way (1 CEU/CPE) (Link)
5-02-2018 Video Forensics (Course Certificate) (Link)

Forensic Lectures / Webinars / Seminars

11-18-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Expert Reports: Tips for Drafting and the Importance of Peer Review
10-27-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Little known facts about altered documents in legal cases
7-28-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Voice Comparison and Deepfakes - Speaker: Marisa Dery AVFA (Link)
6-30-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Daubert v. Frye Challenges to Expert Testimony - Speaker: Gene S. Hagood, Attorney At Law (Link)
5-26-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Rebuttal to Rhetoric - Speaker: Beverley East MGA, CAM, CFDE (Link)
4-28-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Workers Compensation Forensics - Speaker: Paul J. Kilminster Sr. Trial Attorney (Link)
3-30-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Authenticating Digital Files - Speaker: Dr. Darren R. Hayes (Link)
2-24-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Examination of PDF documents. - Speaker: Doug Carner (Link)
1-27-2021 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners -Topic: Challenging the premise of comparing “like with like” in signature examination. Speaker: Dave Madden (Link)
11-18-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners -Topic: Electronic Signatures – Capture, Storage, and Verification - Speaker: Dr. Tomlinson Rauscher (Link)
10-28-20 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners -Topic: ISO 9001 Quality Management System for a small forensics laboratory. - Speaker – Mike Wakshull MS, CQE (Link)
8-26-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Effects of Medications on Handwriting - Speaker: Oladipupo MacJob, BPharm, CG, BLI (Link)
7-29-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Forming Your Opinion Beyond Form-matching - Speaker: Jacqueline A. Joseph, B.A., CDE, D-BFDE (Link)
6-24-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Preparing and Presenting Demonstrative Evidence, and the Psychology of Persuasion, and Ethical Boundaries - Speaker: Claude E. Ducloux, Esq. (Link)
5-27-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Fabricated PDF Documents Speaker: Scott Greene (Link)
4-29-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic:  Effective communication techniques for expert witnesses Speaker: Mike Wakshull, MS, CQE (Link)
4-01-2020 - Topic: 7 Things Experts Must Know Before Deposition and Trial - Speaker: Mitch Jackson Esq. (Link)
3-25-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Your Curriculum Vitae—What, Why and How - Speaker: Sheila Lowe, MA, CFDE (Link)
2-26-2020 Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Using Photoshop o Analyze Microscope and Scanner Photos of Questioned Documents - Speaker: Dr. James Kelly (Link)
1-30-2020  Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Cut and Paste Forgery Signatures - Speaker: Dave Madden (Link)
11-20-2019  Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Cognitive Bias and Document Examination - Speaker: Beth Chrisman (Link)
7-31-2019 Seminar - Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Disguised Signatures - Speaker: Reed Hayes CDE (Link)
6-26-2019 Seminar - Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: The DNA of Digital Recordings Speaker: Doug Carner AVFA,CFHI,CCFE,CPP (Link)
5-29-2019 Seminar - Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - Topic: Learn from a case study - Speaker: Bob Baier CFDE (Link)