Service Fees


FREE Evaluation - If you are an attorney with a case filed with the court please complete the two steps below to receive your sample, comprehensive evaluation of work feasibility, costs and expected results.
You will NOT be obligated to make any purchase, and we will NOT accept your payment, until your FREE evaluation results and our quote have been approved.

1- Sign and return the Fee Schedule / Conflict Check Order Form (Link)

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Service Fees

Select the Dollar amount to make a payment for a specific service. Once payment is received you will be directed to the file transfer portal.

$595 - Audio – Audio clarification and noise removal up to 20 minutes of continuous duration.
$595 - Video – Increased acuity and viewing improvements up to 20 minutes of continuous duration.*
$895 - Video Spotlight - Zoom, key frame pause, highlights etc. applied to a person, object or event.*
$795 - Authentication – MAT form audio/video/image tamper testing. (Report extra)
$395 - Add a file – Enhance, Authenticate or Measure an additional file for same event.
$395 - Measure – Photogrammetry (size), or Videogrammetry (speed).
$495 - Redaction - a single object or person up to 20 minutes of continuous duration.
$250 - Image – Enhance one digital image file. The free evaluation option does not apply.
$100 - License Plate - Capture and clarify a vehicle tag from a video or image file. (Successful capture not guaranteed)
All quoted fees apply to one recording spanning up to 20 minutes in continuous duration. A report is extra. All listed pricing includes sales tax. *
All video projects include a split screen original / enhanced version to illustrate there were no changes to content.


$200 - Add up to an additional 20 minutes of duration to an audio or video file.
$200 - Include up to 50 extracted stills to project. Additional enhancements and enlargement included.
$200 - Same/next day expedited processing by senior staff. Pricing is per file or service to be expedited.
$100 - Merge the raw audio into the enhanced video, or the raw video into enhanced audio.
$100 - Two mailed court ready discs containing all enhanced files plus received media file(s).

Testimony / Depositions

$500 - Report - Affidavit or Declaration detailing tests, services and opinions.
$500 - Deposition / Testimony – hourly (prepaid 1-hr minimum) plus travel-wait time (hiring party)
$2000 - Courtroom – Daily in-court testimony flat rate per day.