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Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners 2020 International Conference Certificate for Marc Robinson AVFA

2020 SAFE International Conference

The 2020 SAFE InternationalConference is open for registration. The early bird rate is open until August1, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the registration rates have been reduced thisyear for SAFE members. Early bird registration is $70 per day. Regularregistration is $80 per day.

The Scientific Association ofForensic Examiners presents it speaker list for the 2020 conference. Since 2015SAFE has delivered its international conference online via Zoom. Our membersare located across the world in Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, NorthAmerica, and South America.

The 2020 SAFE InternationalConference is held this year on September 11 and October 2. The order ofspeakers is being finalized.

September 11, 2020

9:00 Pacific Time, 12:00 Easterntime

Dr. Max Houck –Forensic procedures


An international expert in theforensic sciences, Dr. Max M. Houck has nearly 30 years of expertise incasework, research, speaking, and writing.  His casework includes theBranch Davidian Investigation, the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon, theD.B. Cooper case, and the West Memphis Three, among hundreds of others. Hiscommittee work includes the White House, the National Academies of Science, theRoyal Society, and Interpol. Dr. Houck is one of the most publishedprofessionals in his field. He is Editor-in-Chief of Forensic ScienceInternational: Synergy, the first Gold open access journal in the discipline.Dr. Houck is also Editor-in-Chief of the third edition of The Encyclopedia ofForensic Sciences. Dr. Houck is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry anda retired member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.


Classification and comparison arethe mainstays of the scientific method but all the more so for forensicscience. Despite their importance classification and comparison are littlestudied or explored as foundational to the forensic process. Identifying what apiece of evidence is (classification) identifies the traits to be used forpotential comparison. The salience of the features chosen, their alignmentbetween the source (known) and target (questioned), and their appearance due tohigher-order systematicity all allow forensic scientists to reach theirconclusions; they also explain why exclusions are stronger than inclusions.This presentation will review the elements of classification and comparison,break down the reasons for their utility, and give the audience a betterunderstanding of what forensic science can and cannot achieve methodologically.


10:10 Pacific Time, 13:10 Eastern

Graham Saunders – Security ink


Mr. Saunders has worked for 34 yearswith S.I.C.P.A as a Customer Technical Service

Representative / Technical Manager.S.I.C.P.A is a trusted security provider and adviser to governments, securitybanks, high security printers and industry. S.I.C.P.A provides securedidentification, traceability and authentication solutions and services.

Mr. Saunders’ role at S.I.C.P.A isto provide technical support to security printers that use S.I.C.P.A ink bytrouble shooting technical problems and providing expertise in the use ofsecurity inks and designs that use those inks.

Before joining S.I.C.P.A in the U.K,Mr. Saunders held the position of Security Inks Laboratory Manager withBradbury Wilkinson Banknote printers where he formulated security inks for useon banknotes and cheques.

Mr. Saunders has provided technicalexpertise to the Governments of the U.S.A for Banknote and Passport Redesignand printing as well as other high security documents, to Mexico and Canada forcurrency printing on paper and polymer substrates and to Iran for CurrencyPrinting.

Mr. Saunders Lives in FredericksburgVa. with his Wife, two children and a rescued dog

called Albert. When Mr. Saunders isnot travelling for work, he enjoys fly fishing and fly tying.


Mr. Saunders presents differenttypes of security inks, how they are formulated and used, and methods ofdiscovery.


11:20Pacific Time, 14:20 Eastern –

Judy Hersch, MBA – Change Your Mind…CreateNew Results


Judy spent 20 years in CorporateAmerica as a Corporate Trainer and Project Manager, consistently working 60 –80 hour weeks. In parallel, she was coaching part-time as this was her truepassion. At that time, she says her limiting belief that you can’t do somethingyou love AND be financially free and highly successful kept her in CorporateAmerica for all those years.

Because she continued to burn thecandle at both ends, life gave her what she refers to as a few wake-up calls,which were serious health scares that actually took her out of work for sometime. Despite these scares, she continued to push herself, justifying heractions with the belief that “you just have to deal with the hardships of life,get over it and move on!” So back to Corporate she went the minute her healthshowed signs of improvement.

The final wake-up call came when shegot the news that her father had been diagnosed with ALS (Lou-Gehrig’sdisease), a devastating neuromuscular condition affecting the communicationbetween the brain and muscles of the body. This news shook her to her core anddrove her to quit her Corporate career so she could help take care of herfather.

And that decision probably saved herlife. She founded Evolution Solutions, a global coaching, speaking, andtraining company, which gave her the flexibility to take care of her fatherwhile pursuing her passion of helping others unlock their own potential toreach their goals and dreams.


This interactive presentation willteach a unique methodology for how to use our brain in new ways to make changesin order to demonstrate a next level of success in such areas as · Innovation ·Productivity · Leadership and influence · Resiliency & Change Management ·Stress Reduction


 13:00Pacific Time, 16:00 Eastern Time – 

HerbertJoe, M.A., M.S., J.D., LL.M., B.C.F.E., C.F.C., D.A.B.F.E.,D.A.B.L.E.E., F.A.C.F.E.


Registered Patent Attorney HerbertJoe is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner with 5 degrees, including 3 sciencedegrees (B.S., M.A., M.S. [Cybersecurity]) and 2 law degrees (J.D., LL.M.). Hehas been involved in the forensic analyses of audio, acoustic,voice and video evidence for the past 33 years, and has testified in state andfederal courts in civil and criminal cases throughout the U.S., as well asoverseas. Representative clients include local, state and federal governmentalagencies, public defenders and criminal defense attorneysand Fortune 100 companies and law firms across the U.S. He islicensed to practice law in TX (1994), OK (1997) and the USPTO (2002). His lawpractice specialty is Intellectual Property, and he also has testified as anexpert witness in patent law in patent infringement cases. Mr. Joe is anAdjunct Graduate Faculty (Law) member, gives national and internationalpresentations, and has consulted for ABC, BBC and FOX-TV, CSI:Miami, The WallStreet Journal, TMZ, People Magazine, and Dr. Phil.


Forensic Authenticity Analyses ofAudio, Acoustic and Video Evidence


14:20 Pacific Time, 17:10 EasternTime

Dr. Michael Caligiuri –

Signature Dynamics in Alzheimer’sDisease: Distinguishing Dementia from Forgery


Dr. Caligiuri attended theUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison where he received a Ph.D. in the neuroscienceswith an emphasis in human motor control and movement disorders.  He haspublished over 120 research articles on disease and drug-related effects ofmovement including handwriting and co-authors the book ‘The Neuroscience ofHandwriting: Applications for Forensic Document Examination”.  For over 30years, his research has been supported by grants from the VA, NIH, NIJ, andseveral private foundations. He served as member and on the editorial board ofNIST’s Work Group on Human Factors in Handwriting Examination.  Hisresearch over the past 10 years has focused on handwriting kinematics toenhance our understanding of cognitive, neuromotor, and behavioral sources ofvariability in handwriting and the FDE decision-making processes.



This presentation summarizesfindings on signatures in Alzheimer’s Disease and reports results from a recentstudy on kinematic differences between genuine AD signatures andforgeries.  The overall goal of the study was to Identify similarities anddifferences between AD and forged signatures to assist the FDE indifferentiating suspect forgery from known signatures by writers withdementia.  Specifically, the study measured kinematic and pen pressurefeatures from natural signatures to examine stroke direction patternsto identify feature differences in signatures written by AD and healthywriters; and then using these patterns, test whether AD signatures differ fromforged (simulated) signatures.  Implications for casework involvingdistinguishing genuine signatures from persons with dementiafrom suspected forgeries are discussed.


 October 2, 2020

9:00 Pacific Time, 12:00 Eastern

GideonGrunfeld, Esq. and Sarah Braun, Esq., MBA- How to Land Law Firm Clients


Gideon Grunfeld has more thanfifteen years of experience advising lawyers and law firms from small boutiquesand solo practices to the Am Law 200. Having worked as a large law firmlitigator for almost ten years, first at Skadden Arps in Los Angeles and thenat Covington & Burling in D.C., he founded Rainmaking For Lawyers. In thiscapacity, he and his team advise clients on business development and marketingstrategies. Gideon regularly facilitates the kinds of referral relationshipsthat will serve forensic examiners in gaining law firm clients. Gideon hasspoken to thousands of lawyers at law firm and bar association sponsored eventsand is a former President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National SpeakersAssociation.


SarahBraun Esq, MBA, Business Development Coach

Over the past decade, Sarah hasadvised various clients ranging from international corporations to smallbusiness startups.  With advanced degrees in both business and law, Sarahhas experience in both legal and corporate environments. 

After graduating Barnard Collegewith a degree in American Studies, Sarah began her career in public relationsat Ruder Finn, a large international public relations firm.  Sarah workedstrategically to coordinate campaign media outreach efforts, secure multiplenational and local media interviews, and develop growth and product placementstrategies.  Thereafter, Sarah pursued various international opportunitiesin both Asia and South America, where she continued to gain experience indesigning and developing business strategies, market research efforts, andoutreach techniques. 

Leveraging her internationalexperience and business background, Sarah subsequently received a joint Masterof Business Administration and Law degree from Claremont Graduate University’sPeter F. Drucker School of Management and from Southwestern Law School. At Southwestern, Sarah graduated Cum Laude, participated inboth Moot Court and Law Review, and eventually served on the board as Lead ArticlesEditor for the Southwestern Law Review.   

After graduating, Sarah joinedRuttenberg IP law where she worked on securing copyright and trademarkprotections and litigating disputes for consumer products, informationtechnology, transportation, and medical device companies.   

Sarah joined Rainmaking For Lawyersin 2016 and has coached a wide array of attorneys who have sophisticatedbusiness clients, including business and real estate lawyers, corporate realestate, and tax lawyers at firms ranging boutique law firms to theAmLaw200.  Her business development coaching experience hasincluded: 

  • Working with coaching clients to identify, maintain and     grow their VIP list of best prospective clients and referrals.  This     includes helping clients prepare for networking meetings and telephone     calls, as well as advising on the content of LinkedIn profiles, website     bios, marketing pieces for speeches, and emails to prospective     VIPs.  
  • Coaching associates and partners on time management and     time entry strategies, including helping a boutique law form increase     monthly average hours billed by her coaching clients by more than 20     percent.
  • Consulting with new Of Counsel partners about     identifying and implementing a personalized business development strategy

Sarah is an active member of theState Bar of California.  


Gideon and Sarah will offer insightsinto gaining law firm clients from his work as a consultant and coach to firmsand individual attorneys. Using proven business development strategies andmarketing best practices, the methods discussed in this presentation willprepare attendees to identify new clients and referral sources and to pitchtheir services as forensic examiners to valuable law firm contacts.


10:10 Pacific Time, 13:10 Eastern

LorenVogt, Esq. – Setting the foundation for evidence


Lauren Vogt is an attorney at RizioLipinsky whose practice focuses on personal injury and employmentlaw. She received her Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and CriminalJustice with a minor in Psychology from California State University ofFullerton. Ms. Vogt also received her Juris Doctor from University of La Verne,graduating Magna Cum Laude.

While at the University of La Verne,Ms. Vogt was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Law Business and Ethics andcompeted and placed in 2 National Moot Court Competitions. Upon graduation, shebegan working as a law clerk here at Rizio Lipinsky, serving as a zealous andloyal advocate for our clients and striving to conduct herself, at all times,with dignity, courtesy, and integrity.


Understanding the foundational basisfor an opinion. For your opinion and testimony to be admitted into evidence,the proper foundation must be laid to establish the validity and provenance ofthe evidence.


11:20 Pacific Time 14:20 Eastern

DougCobb – Identifying Paper with a Color Spectrophotometer


Doug Cobb is a Paper Scientist andDocument Security Expert with over 28 years of professional experience. Heprovides technical investigations, analysis, reports and testimony towards theresolution of conflicts involving disputed documents, including wills, trusts,checks, contracts, deeds, mortgage documents, prenuptial agreements, voterregistration forms, and ballot cards. He specializes in the investigation andanalysis of substituted documents, dating paper, suspect documents, identitytheft, alterations, and altered medical records and forms.

Throughout his career, Doug hasworked in over 50 paper mills and has developed unique paper solutions forcompanies such as Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Cannon, McDonald’s, and Deluxe Check.He has developed new science-based methodologies to eliminate document fraudand improve document security, including processes to determine if questioneddocuments come from the same source or paper.

Doug earned his Bachelor of Sciencedegree in Forest Products, with a specialization in Paper Science andEngineering from the University of Minnesota. He is a frequent invited speakerat professional organizations for document examiners and handwriting experts;including training sessions on topics of paper and print characteristics, andlegal document security. Doug has developed two patent-pending technologies foradvancements in forensic document examination and legal document security.


Doug will take us on an in-depthlooking the methodology of identifying paper from the same or differentsources. He will explain some of the theory of how a color spectrophotometermeasures the spectral optical properties of paper and then how and why the datacan be used to determine if each sheet comes from the same source or not. Hispresentation will include some of his research data and case examples.


13:00 Pacific Time 16:00 EasternTime

HalStern – Statistical techniques


Hal Stern is a Professor ofStatistics at the University of California – Irvine. Hal is known for hisresearch in Bayesian statistical methodology and model assessment techniques,and his current areas of research include applications of statistical methodsin psychiatry and human behavior, atmospheric sciences and forensic science. Hereceived his BS degree in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology, and MS and PhD degrees in statistics from Stanford University.

He has significant experience inaddressing the role of statistical methods in the practice of forensic science.He currently serves on the Advisory Committee for an Arnold Foundation fundedAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) quality and gapanalysis of the forensic science literature. This two-year project is settingup teams to review the literature in ten different forensic fields. Stern alsoserved on the NIST-NIJ Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent PrintAnalysis, which assessed the effects of human factors on forensic latent printanalysis and recommended ways to reduce human error at various stages in theinterpretation of latent print evidence.


Every expert has encounteredstatistics, measurement, or likelihood ratios in their work at some point, oreven on a daily basis. Professor of Statistics Hal Stern is the Director of theCenter for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Science (CSAFE) will presentsome of the research and findings that he has found in researching statisticsand it’s use in forensic science – specifically in pattern evidence.

14:10 Pacific Time 17:10 Eastern

Nick Rishwain, JD – Testifying overvideo conferencing


Nick Rishwain, JD, is the VicePresident of Client Relations & Business Development for Experts.com, andprimary author of the company blog. Formerly a local government employee, Nickwas frustrated with the inefficiency that plagues government and bureaucraciesat all levels. With a passion for law and technology he took a position with alegaltech company, Experts.com, where he has been able to use his legaleducation to make litigation more efficient and cost effective. Having been inthe legaltech field for nearly 10 years, Nick has a deep desire to improveaccess to justice and lower the cost of legal services through the use oftechnology and collaboration.


Nick is fully immersed in legaltechnology professionally and personally. In his own time, he is the co-creatorand co-host of a live video legal technology show called LegalTechLIVE. Theshow has been online for more five years and presently focuses on legaltechnology startups. The show promotes the legal technology startup journey.Nick is proud uncle of three nieces and one nephew. He is also an avid doglover.


Remote deposition performance.Presentation and appearance as the focus for communicating your expertise,appearing authoritative, and maintaining your credibility. We can take many ofthe issues outlined in the blog post we did here.



In many cases, memory analysis can provide access to data you can’t get through “dead-box” forensics alone and may be the only way to obtain evidence critical to solving your investigation. Malware investigations in particular can benefit significantly from memory analysis, but that is not the only type of investigation that Memory analysis can play a crucial role. This session will discuss how Magnet AXIOM’s integration of core plugins from the popular tool, Volatility, makes deep memory analysis more accessible to forensic examiners. Learn how to incorporate memory artifacts into a broader timeline together with artifacts from other data sources for a well-rounded investigation. In addition, we’ll explore the free tool MAGNET Process Capture to analyze memory from specific processes, providing a less fragmented output and better data recovery.